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Carbohydrate Caution

To Carb or Not to Carb, that is the question…Carbohydrates…

You just ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast two hours ago. Now you’re starving. And when you see the glazed doughnuts in the break room, you can’t resist. What is it about refined carbohydrates that affects your willpower?


Should you kick yourself for having low willpower? Or maybe … just maybe … should you blame (more…)

Your Temecula / Murrieta Chiropractor Helps Counter Risks of Sitting

Sitting down after a long day is refreshing for tired feet; a long day of sitting down, on the other hand, can wreak havoc on the body. This is especially true for those with sedentary jobs who are required to sit on the same office chairs, face the same computer monitors, and hunch over the same small desks for many years at a time. While this work situation is an unavoidable reality for a lot of people, many are unaware of the silent damage they may be incurring from it.

Inland Empire Residents: Are you suffering from “Text-Neck?” Your Temecula chiropractor can help!

Some people may think it’s ludicrous, but texting can create a plethora of physical problems that your chiropractor can address. Jessica Firger of CBS News reported last November 14, 2014:

A Murrieta / Temecula Chiropractor Offers a Safer Option to Drugs and Surgery

The incidence of fatalities from prescription painkiller overdose has reached such an alarming level that the CDC has called on federal and state governments to take action, and prevent the numbers from escalating. As the CDC report says, there are about 46 fatal cases of overdose from painkillers in the U.S. every day. It further states that twice as many pain killers are prescribed in the U.S. as in Canada.

Principled Murrieta Chiropractor Now Extends Services to Temecula

Posted on: October 27, 2014


Murrieta, California (October 21, 2014) – Dr. Rayce Meyers, the Principled Murrieta Chiropractor and head of a noted chiropractic practice, is pleased to announce that his services will now extend to the residents of the Temecula area. In a statement, Dr. Meyers detailed what a wonderful honor it is for him to be able to serve both the cities of Murrieta and Temecula in the southwestern part of Riverside County.


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