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About Murrieta Chiropractic and Dr. Rayce Meyers 


Since 1981, Dr. Rayce Meyers has been providing exceptional chiropractic care and services, always with an emphasis on wholeness.. In addition to patients from Murrieta, he also sees patients from different areas in California like Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, and Temecula, among others.


Heading the Murrieta Chiropractic center, Dr. Meyers incorporates other key elements and services such as healthy lifestyle consultations, stabilizing exercises, body composition profiling, fat and weight reduction, and promotion of nutrition based on the human design. Moreover, he is a certified instructor for the American Academy of Clinical ASBE, and he is certified to perform a wide range of chiropractic techniques to arrive at the most effective results. 


Improving the Connection


We believe that the human body is powerful; it has the ability to heal itself and function optimally when it is properly balanced. This balance comes from a strong connection between the brain (nerve system) and the body, and if this connection is impaired or lost, then illnesses and pain intrude. This is what we are determined to repair and restore – a balanced and unobstructed connection between the brain and the body.


Personal, Heart-Felt Care


Considering how serious people’s struggles against pain are, Murrieta Chiropractic employs a more targeted approach, anchored in a personal and heart-felt relationship. We go beyond the actual chiropractic techniques by getting to know more about you, our valued patients, from the moment you step inside our office for that initial consultation all the way to a stronger and better you. 


We will take the time to sit down with you and answer all of your questions regarding your health status and the methods or solutions available. We will also bring caring a step further by educating you on how to live a healthier lifestyle long after your consultations with us. 


Get in touch with us and let Dr. Meyers and Murrieta Chiropractic provide the much-needed care and attention your body needs.