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Expert Chiropractic Serving Murrieta and Temecula

Are you in constant bodily discomfort or just having trouble achieving your wellness goals? Does your body feel imbalanced despite your attempts to make changes? If you are experiencing either event, you should visit Murrieta Chiropractic for immediate aid. Let Dr. Rayce Meyers, a professional chiropractor servicing areas in southern California, provide the care you urgently need. Improve the quality of your life today with our specialty services and wellness programs.

Dr. Meyers is also an accomplished wellness coach and nutritionist. He can easily provide specialized chiropractic techniques and personalized fitness programs to ensure that his clients are truly sound in body. Should you have bodily disharmony or wellness challanges, come visit our convenient location and allow us to guide you toward a healthier presence.

What our patients are saying…

“For years I was plagued on and off with lower back problems. I saw chiropractors to get relief, but problems and pain would recur. For the last several years, I have been on a regular maintenance program with Dr. Rayce Meyers, and my back has been fine and free from pain. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it has made in my life.”
– Bill S.

“I have had chronic neck and back problems for years. I began seeing Dr. Meyers and immediately experienced pain relief. Dr. Meyers listens very carefully to his patients and genuinely cares about their well-being. I heartily recommend Dr. Meyers to anyone seeking chiropractic care in the Temecula Valley area.”
– Dirck E.

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Serving Patients throughout Temecula & Murrieta Valley

OUR GOAL – Awesome care for awesome patients!

I love being a Chiropractor and have been caring for patients since 1981. My experience has shown a natural approach to health is the key to true wellness and longevity, which is why I always try to encourage patients to look at a specific concern or problem with a holistic approach. The human body is a whole system with organs, tissues, bones, etc. that must work together, not individually. So often physicians look to only “relieving” a symptom, rather than offering ways to repair damage and strengthen the body in order to resist and guard against discomfort and pain. My philosophy is not to focus on the weaknesses in the body, but rather strengthen it, so it can repair the damages and move toward wellness. Remember, longevity is only a positive if it is accompanied by true health.
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