Chiropractic Adjustment for Neck Pain

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  Chiropractic adjustments are not for pain, but to remove the interference on the nerve system and to change the abnormal patterning around the subluxation. Chiropractic adjustment is the proper term to describe what principled chiropractors’ do. We do not “crack”, “pop”, or “massage” the spine. Adjustments relieve the nerve interference and allow the healing…

Chiropractic Care for Kids

Chiropractic Care in Children | Murrieta Chiropractors (951) 805-7778 Dr. Rayce Meyers, your Murrieta family chiropractor, talks about chiropractic care in families. Murrieta Chiropractic can be reached at (951) 805- 7778. Even “natural” childbirth methods can affect an infant’s spine. A chiropractic evaluation is essential to determine if birth trauma to the spine is involved. Many experts believe that uncorrected spinal problems during…

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