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Murrieta Chiropractic offers a number of services that are dedicated to improving the quality of your life. Whether your body is suffering from a severe imbalance, or your fitness level is unsatisfactory, we have solutions for such problems and more. Come visit our location today, and let Dr. Rayce Meyers improve your wellbeing and the quality of your life. Clients from Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, and Temecula are encouraged to visit our chiropractor, Dr. Meyers for a physical evaluation and a thorough wellness plan.


Our chiropractic and wellness center offers the following services:


Chiropractic Techniques


As a principled chiropractor and a Palmer graduate, Dr. Meyers is certified to perform a wide variety of chiropractic techniques. Most other chiropractors focus on dispensing one technique, or addressing specific physical symptoms. Dr. Meyers, however, is well-versed in resolving various physical issues, regardless of where they occur on the client’s body.


You can trust the experience and skills of Dr. Meyers as he goes beyond simply resolving subluxations to restore your body’s natural order. He holds an advanced certification in Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, and is a certified instructor for the American Academy of Clinical ASBE, among other distinctions. If you have tried other chiropractors and found their techniques less than satisfying, visit Dr. Meyers today and experience the difference his methods can make to your wellbeing.


Wellness Lifestyle Coaching


Dr. Meyers, in addition to his chiropractic expertise, is also a Real Food nutritional counselor. He believes that toxin and fat loss begins with a good diet, and so he offers his own personalized wellness lifestyle coaching to clients who have fitness and dietary issues. Clients can approach him to map out a detailed strategy that can help them become more fit and healthy.


For this service, clients are first assessed for their body composition profile; this allows them to better learn of their current health status, and what can be done to resolve it if something is wrong. From there, Dr. Meyers can help clients come up with a comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan. His wellness coaching program ensures that clients stick to their health plan and hit realistic goals until they reach their desired fitness levels.


Murrieta Chiropractic provides chiropractic and wellness services to the Murrieta, California region, as well as neighboring areas such as Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, and many others. If you need a chiropractor around the Temecula area, do not hesitate to drop by our location for both chiropractic and wellness services. To learn more about our services and our business hours, visit our office hours page now.