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Serving Patients throughout Temecula & Murrieta Valley

OUR GOAL – Awesome care for awesome patients!

I love being a Chiropractor and have been caring for patients since 1981. My experience has shown a natural approach to health is the key to true wellness and longevity, which is why I always try to encourage patients to look at a specific concern or problem with a holistic approach. The human body is a whole system with organs, tissues, bones, etc. that must work together, not individually. So often physicians look to only “relieving” a symptom, rather than offering ways to repair damage and strengthen the body in order to resist and guard against discomfort and pain. My philosophy is not to focus on the weaknesses in the body, but rather strengthen it, so it can repair the damages and move toward wellness. Remember, longevity is only a positive if it is accompanied by true health.