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Inland Empire Residents: Are you suffering from “Text-Neck?” Your Temecula chiropractor can help!

Some people may think it’s ludicrous, but texting can create a plethora of physical problems that your chiropractor can address. Jessica Firger of CBS News reported last November 14, 2014:



Humans were designed to stand upright. And yet in this modern world, too many of us spend our days with our heads slumped over for a simple reason: we’re staring at the tiny screen of a smartphone.
People spend an average of two to four hours each day with their neck bent at this unnatural angle while shooting off emails or texts. That’s 700 to 1,400 hours a year. The success of social media (sic) has led to an epidemic of bad smartphone posture.

Almost every person you see on the street will have an electronic gadget in their hand, be it a smartphone, phablet, or even a tablet PC. The recent trend towards mobile marketing has fuelled that demand for communications on the go. Some people have even been involved in auto accidents as a result of texting or reading while crossing the street.
As bad posture tends to open the door to more serious health problems down the road, you need to restore balance somehow. The pressure on the spine increases depending on how far your head is leaning forward off the vertical axis. Firger cited a Poughkeepsie spinal surgeon’s research study, which states that the average human head weighs 12 pounds when you’re standing upright. Looking down at your phone exacerbates the pressure on the cervical spine – the study noted 60lbs when your head’s bent at 60 degrees. This in turn triggers pain in the immediate area, but in some cases can worsen old injuries.
A knowledgeable Temecula or Murrieta chiropractor will be well-versed in various methods to relieve the tension on the spine as a result of posture from prolonged gadget use. He will also counsel you on how to maintain a stable posture, which provides an abundance of health benefits such as lower stress and increased situational awareness. A custom nutritional plan will also be helpful, especially among texting seniors facing bouts of osteoporosis, for example.
It is already bad enough to be admonished for not looking where you’re walking as you text. When the texting also causes physical imbalance, it’s never too late to seek chiropractic care.
Dr. Rayce Meyers is skilled in dealing with problems like “Text Neck” and other problems caused by our modern lifestyle. Whether you live in Temecula or Murrieta, call Dr. Meyers today.

(Source: OMG, you’re texting your way to back pain, CBS News, 14 November 2014)